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Who comes to BIMS?

BIMS offers packages that include brand visibility, networking, gamification, promotional items and remote client lunches.

Attendee roles include C-level, high

Not sure what you want? We offer myraid options to make sure you're making the connections that matter, within your budget. 

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BIMS and the SIPA Sales & Marketing Leadership summit attract the best and brightest. 

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Rotating clickable banner during 1 Breakout session. Select your favorite session topic and/or speaker (selection of session is first-come first-served). Banner ads are directly below speaker window, sized 560x70, and include link to the sponsor’s website.

Ticker message during 1 Breakout session. Select another favorite session topic and/or speaker (selection of session is first-come first-served). Ticker messages are directly above the speaker window, sized 560x70.

Solution Station display. This is where attendees go to meet with you, watch your video, or download a white paper or product information. Attendees get three points for the Leaderboard for every sponsor they visit – the highest number of points awarded for any 2020 BIMS activity! And you’re not stuck “manning the booth” all day because attendees are driven to the Sponsor Space at specific times. Clicking on a sponsor logo gets them to your space which includes:
*Color logo with link to your website
*150-250 words About Us text
*Chat Now button
*Schedule a Meeting button
*Analytics (who came to your space and what they did)

Free Sponsor registration code. Every sponsor can register 2 company attendees at no charge.

Free VIP registration code. Every sponsor can register 3 guests (e.g. customers or potential customers.

One-time html eblast. You supply the html content and 2020 BIMS blasts your message straight to the inbox of every registrant. PLUS a bonus distribution to the Connectiv and SIPA database of 3,000+ publishers and global business information company CEOs. To avoid “advertising fatigue,” eblasts will be spaced out over specific dates. Sponsor can select the preferred eblast date from a list of options once we have received your Sponsor Reservation.

10% off booth fee at 2021 BIMS.

20% off 2021 advertising program in media and marketing assets offered by Connectiv, SIPA, and/or AM&P. Requires a minimum 3x insertion order (any size ad). Advertising contract must be submitted to by 5 pm EST on December 31, 2020 to be eligible for 20% discount.