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The Markets

  • The Role of the Financial Markets
  • Major Classes of Assets
  • Participants in the Financial Markets
  • Role of Government, Central Banks and Regulatory Authorities
  • Primary Business Functions and Responsibilities

The Data

  • Sources
  • Vendors (providers)
  • Types
  • Standards
  • Delivery and Display
  • Uses of Data
  • Commercials (Pricing and Contractual Terms)
  • Market and Reference Data Job Functions

The Technology

  • Technology Basics & Terminology
  • Datafeeds
  • Data Distribution – systems and software
  • Desktops (e.g.Terminals)
  • Applications and Associated Technology
  • Development, Implementation, Management and Support 
  • Enterprise and Reference Data Management
  • General Topics

Industry Issues and Trends

  • Market Regulation and Market Structure
  • Commercial, Contractual, Economic and Political


  • General Data & Service Providers
  • Exchanges 
  • Non Exchange Trading Venue
  • Technology and System Providers
  • EDM System and Related Service Providers

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Over 1,000 people have taken the FISD Financial Information Associate professional certification exam - and achieved a pass mark of 75% or more.

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