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No need to go it alone: 
SIPA's Executive Councils help you get smart answers
to tough questions, problems and decisions.

Join with other ambitious publishers who support your journey to faster growth and increased revenue

If you’re like most specialized publishers, you’ve experienced loneliness at the top. You know what’s it like to face momentous decisions with no guidebook, no one to talk to, no one who’s been through it before.

Introducing SIPA’s Executive Councils — groups of 12 fellow publishers who share your challenges — In marketing, editorial, operations, financial management and staffing.

Members of your Council will help you address thorny issues affecting your growth, revenue and profit — just as you’ll collaborate to help them with theirs.

Councils meet 11 times a year for intense, efficient two-hour video conferences—a chance to share what’s on your mind, get answers, then get back to work.

Over the year, you’ll get to know your fellow Council members well, as they share their questions, doubts and triumphs. You’ll develop trust in this crowd-sourcing process with a team of experienced publishers whose ambition matches yours.

Above all, you won’t waste a minute—no traveling hours and hours for meetings no downtime, no idle chit-chat.

Enlist your own private advisory board for wisdom and best practices

Monthly video conferences 
help you form tight, trusted, collegial friendships


Council members meet once a year for an in-person roundtable, where you’ll have a chance to air some of your company’s big-picture strategic challenges and hear those of your colleagues.

These live meetings also afford time for high-level learning on topics and lessons focused to help you accelerate your company’s progress. There’s even time for Council members to dine and socialize.

An annual Executive Council retreat lets you attack strategic opportunities and obstacles in person


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It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top, SIPA also offers a Marketing Council.


"The SIPA Executive Council has been a real benefit to me. The monthly Council meeting is something that I benefit from every month of the year and it costs less than attending one 3-day conference (including registration/travel/lodging). The discussion is open, friendly and candid. Our group has been extremely helpful with input into my questions. It’s also very useful to hear other members’ questions to let me know how others are dealing with particular issues. Great job on putting these Councils together!"

-David Burns, VP & Publisher, Magna Publications